Call for participants PLV Cultural Heritage in action Krakow – deadline is 6 June 2022

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Call for participants PLV Cultural Heritage in action Krakow – deadline is 6 June 2022

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Dear Members of Europa Nostra,

On behalf of the Cultural Heritage in Action Consortium – of which Europa Nostra is a proud partner  – I am delighted to share with you below an interesting opportunity to participate in the upcoming Peer-Learning Visit which will take place in Krakow, Poland, from 31 August to 2 September 31 2022. 

The Application deadline is 6 June 2022.

About the Peer learning visit in Krakow

The Peer-learning Visit will combine meetings with local policymakers and stakeholders, site visits and solution-building workshops. The working language will be English. The Thematic Focus will be “Sustainable cultural heritage development in practice”. 

Why Krakow?

Krakow is developing several initiatives through its municipal culture service and its Municipal Greenspace Authority, capitalising on the city’s natural and cultural heritage and landscapes. Read more about Krakow here. 

Initiatives to be discovered during the visit: 

· Pocket parks in Krakow: The pocket parks programme aims at creating small, friendly green areas to create urban bonds with natural spaces. These intimate green areas are located in local neighbourhoods’ forgotten spaces, revealing a sometimes-forgotten cultural heritage. 

· Symbiosis ecological education centre: located in a historical building located in a park, redeveloped in an environmentally friendly way, the centre offers exhibitions and workshops to residents around nature, ecology and sustainable development.

· Villa Decius Institute for Culture (IKWD), a municipal cultural institution offering among other residences for artists, uses cultural heritage and culture for the benefit of communities.

· Solutions developed by the Krakow cultural sector in response to the dynamic change in operating conditions caused by the pandemic.

Apply to participate in this Peer-learning Visit!

More information and Call for participants here and as attachment. If you have any questions, please contact 

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