Seminar Indigenous Cultures in the North

Seminar Indigenous Cultures in the North

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Torsdag 9 november kl 16.30-20, Östasiatiska museet, Skeppsholmen


Working with and within

Indigenous Cultures in the North


Indigenous cultures have for long been mariginalized in the Nordic cultures.

How has that affected these cultures, their protection as well as knowledge and awareness?

Three speakers will present their work with and within both Greenland’s built heritage and

Sami culture giving different perspectives of documentation, protection and definition

as well as artistic and architectural expression.


Inge Brisgaard

Architect and Curator at Greenland National Museum & Archives Listed Buildings.


Arnstein Brekke

Conservation officer and researcher on vernachular buildings in North Norway.


Joar Nango

Sami architect and artist. With Girjegumpi: The Sámi Architecture Library, at the International Architecture Exhibition, Venice, 2023.



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