Seminarium om Gunnebo slotts fasad 19 april

Seminarium om Gunnebo slotts fasad 19 april

Seminarium om restaureringen av Gunnebo slotts fasad

Gunnebo Slott och Trädgårdar AB bjuder in till ett offentligt forskningsseminarium om restaureringen av Gunnebo slotts fasad den 19 april 2016, se inbjudan på engelska nedan och program. Forskare och föreläsare är Bente Lange, Jon Braenne, Helen Hughes, Karin Fridell Anter, Kerstin Lyckman, Christina Heberlein och Stefan Günther. Bland deltagarna finns handläggare på myndigheter, forskare från Göteborgs universitet, National Trust, National Trust for Scotland och Riksantikvarieämbetet.

Anmälan senast 11 april till Självkostnadspris för lunch samt kaffe på morgon och eftermiddag är 195 kr, se program. Endast deltagandet är kostnadsfritt, men kräver anmälan. Uppge namn, titel och företag vid anmälan. Seminariet hålls på engelska.



Dear colleagues in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK,

This is an invitation to a seminar and research project on the reconstruction of the original façade of Gunnebo House in Gothenburg, Sweden on 19th April 2016. The project is implemented in cooperation with the County Administrative Board. Lecturers are researchers from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK, and participants comes from Gothenburg University, Chalmers University of Technology, National Heritage Board, National Trust, National Trust for Scotland, heritage agencies and private consultants.

The aim of the project – besides learning more about the façade of Gunnebo House – is to maintain and plan with the help of an international and interdisciplinary network through the collaboration of property owners, conservators, artisans, curators, restoration architects, researchers, heritage agencies, and architectural historians.

Gunnebo House, commissioned by one of the wealthiest merchants in Sweden and finished in 1796, had one of the most lavish wooden façades in Sweden. After time of decay, the original panelling was exchanged to make the house resemble a log cabin in 1864 in the prevailing Swiss architectural style. Beside of the loss of some architectural motives, most traces of the original façade colours were lost. Gunnebo House was commissioned by local authorities and transformed into a historic house museum in 1952. From the middle of the 1990s the lost gardens and buildings have been reconstructed in three phases. The time has now come to restore the façade of the house. Due to technical problems of the panelling type from 1864 a reconstruction of the original panelling has been chosen. The façade was painted with acrylic paint in 1995 which caused an almost complete exchange of the panelling in 1999. This panelling type has been leaking water and damaged the 230 year old timber structure – rain water has until recently been pouring on the inside of the external walls. The background of the change of the panelling will be presented, but the seminar will most of all discuss and decide on the original colours of the façade, as traces have recently been rediscovered.

This is an invitation to take part in this research and reconstruction project on 19th April at Gunnebo House and Gardens. Questions will be developed in lectures and discussed within the relatively small audience.

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